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    Aerobic dancing.

    No, it's not just for the ladies, although at first you might feel like an idiot. Do not think about it. Look closely at the actions of the instructor - and you make sure that the program is not as compacted as intense.

    Training of the cardiovascular system.

    Get to work all parts of your body. This can be done by having access to the popular simulators. Engage in 30-45 minutes 4 times a week for the combined program, using the treadmill or stairs, bicycle ergometer, climbing wall, slalom trainer and ergometer for the torso, such as exercise equipment for rowing. These tips are better prepared for people who want to maximize the tone of his body for a limited time.

    Walking on the cross-country skiing.

    During the winter holiday is - a fantastic opportunity. You can ski on the weekend in order to diversify the standard aerobic program. This sport gives immense pleasure.


    Another great option, but only under the condition that you ride a bike with a low gear to increase the frequency of contractions of the heart. In the city it is hard to do, since it is necessary to constantly adjust your speed to the flow of traffic.


    Wonderful year-round view of aerobic activity, especially if you have the opportunity to attend a heated swimming pool. You are free to come up with innovative kakoenibud A swimming exercise alternately biasing the torso and legs. If you like swimming, make it your main aerobic exercise.


    Good old classes in the school gym in times of austerity budget well combined the aerobic exercise and anaerobicheskie. Try to jump with dumbbells, reach down toward your toes, do exercises with lifting legs standing and "lying, wrung from the floor. It's also a great way to warm up.


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