Sports - Curling.

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    Sports - Curling

    Curling (English. Curling, from Shotley. Curr - rumble, rumble) - a team sports game on the icy ground. Participants of the two teams on the ice in turn allowed special heavy granite shells ("stones") in the direction of the marked target on the ice.


    It is believed that the game was invented in Scotland in the XVI century. On one of the engravings of the time was first depicted by moving ice stone. The first club kёrlingistov open in 1737 in the province of Fife. In the first half of the XIX century has been approved rules of the game of curling, which since then have not changed. Starting with the Winter Olympics in 1998, it was included in the Olympic program (although it was at the Olympics in 1924 were held demonstration competition curling).

    However, in February 2006, the International Olympic Committee revised the story and decided that the curling competition at the Olympic Games in 1924 should be considered a full-fledged Olympic event. Thus, the first Olympic medal in curling distributed as follows: Gold got the UK and Ireland, two silver - Sweden, bronze - France.

    Playing field and equipment.

    Golf Curling is a rectangular field of length 146 feet (44.5 m) and a width of 14 feet 2 inches (4.32 m). Target, called "home", has a diameter of 12 feet (3.66 m). Stone weighing 44 pounds (19.96 kg) is made of granite. It has a cylindrical shape and a flat sliding surface. On top of the handle is attached to the stone.

    Rules of the game.

    The game involves two teams of 4 people. The game consists of 10 independent periods, the so-called endov (end). Within one End command in the queue to release the stones 8. When playing rock player starts from the starting blocks and accelerates the ice stone. At the same time he is trying to achieve or stop a stone in a certain place, or knock out opponents Scoring Areas stones, depending on the current tactical objectives. Other players can team with special brush to rub the ice in front of the stone, thus slightly correcting his movement.

    Once played all 16 stones, made Scoring End. Taking into account only those stones that are inside the house. The team whose stone was closer to the center, it is considered a successful end. She gets one point for every stone, was closer to the center than all the opponent's stones.

    Last shot gives a great advantage the team. In the first end is determined by the order of the draw commands, all subsequent right to the last throw provided the losing previous End team. If, however, in the final position, no one turned stones in the house, End ends goalless, and the right to remain at the last throw of the same team. Therefore it is often advantageous to "traverse" the last stone, rather than to make just one point.

    The winner is determined by the total points in all endah. In case of a tie after 10 endov appointed an additional period called extra-end (extra end), where the winner and the winner of the match. Right to the last throw in extra-End available, similar to the previous periods, the team that lost the tenth end.


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