Sports - Archery.

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    Sports - Archery

    There are three different areas of archery and every one of them corresponds to their own set of equipment. Traditional style of archery is called "long bow". It requires a normal wooden bow-shaped D. It is clear that the length of the bow is slightly larger than the bows used in other styles of shooting. I usually shoot with the bow height of 163 cm, but the man fired from a much larger bows.

    Arrows made of wood with grooves on the sides and end fins so that they smoothly flown. In this style of shooting, it is important to stick to the old traditions. For example, shooting is done in two ways, that is the target lined up in two rows, and the archers stand between them in a row and shoot first in one direction, then harvested and shoot arrows in the other direction.

    The material used for the bowstring hemp or flax, which is relatively elastic and does not stretch, it was important to inform the boom-needed boost. However, such a bowstring quickly wear and tear, which sometimes leads to damage to the bow. In this regard, we have recently somewhat depart from tradition and use modern materials, such as Dacron, which has a higher elastic properties, or, for example, Fast-Flight or Dyneema, which are resistant to wiping and do not rush.

    In the Olympic Games used a slightly different style of shooting - bow with reverse camber. This bow is of flat rectangular section, which are typically joined by bonding layers of fiberglass, carbon fiber, ceramic, wood and foam. The result is a much more efficient bow when shooting an arrow which reported greater acceleration, which can increase the speed of its flight and smooth trajectory.

    However, the design must also provide adequate stability and accuracy of the shot arrows. Reverse deflection of the sections is that the ends of the bow emanating from the central part of the line rigid bow concave towards the archer and at the tip, on the contrary, arched. The string is passed in the trenches at the end of the string, and the compound becomes less stable by pulling the string. The central part of the bow is made of aircraft aluminum alloys using high-precision equipment, computer-controlled.

    In the case of onions, mechanisms are provided for setting the individual characteristics of each archer. Attached to the central part of the sight, which also can be adjusted depending on the distance of the target and changes in weather conditions (eg wind). In addition to the wind on the trajectory of the boom is influenced by other weather factors - temperature, humidity and rain.

    By the sight can be added goods, which reduces vibrations when you release the bow string, that is the shot. Another recent development for the bows - rubber vibration dampers, which are fixed to the critical point of the bow, in order to reduce the negative effects of the fluctuation of onions, arising from the shot.

    Arrows are made from carbon fiber, which is wrapped around the tube of metal alloy. Thanks to this technology achieved lightweight boom, and accordingly, high speed flight. Plumage of arrows made of flexible plastic or other curved plastic material (such as film). Installation angle and degree curved tail influence the rotation of an arrow in flight, which is necessary to stabilize the flight path. However, the angle should be such as not to cause excessive braking of the boom.

    The latest word in the art of archery - a combined bow. This bow ends are camming slots (or pulleys), through which the ends of the bow are connected to each other by additional strings. With this design, the maximum strength of the bow already reached half way movement of the string and thus requires less effort to complete stringing the bow.

    Again, this can speed up the arrows and controls to the archer, because he has to make less effort when pulling and releasing the bowstring. This type of bow and also includes other improvements - for example, a mechanical trigger, by which the archer can achieve a more accurate shot than if he held the string with your fingers. At the sight of the bow inserted magnifying lens and bubble level, which allows to determine the angle of the bow when aiming.

    Of course, whatever the bow, shot accuracy will still depend on the very archer. High level of training can only be achieved by constant training and a desire to engage in this sport. The athlete must train up until not lead to automatic hit the bull's-eye in all weather conditions. Naturally, such a volume of fire can not perform each and here's the real champions are determined. At the professional level, even a slight improvement in shooting accuracy can change the results of shooting, so we need to constantly check and recheck equipment.


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