Sports - synchronized swimming.

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    Sports - Synchronized Swimming

    Synchronized Swimming - perform in the water of different figures to the music. Involved only women. When the International federatsiippavaniya (FINA) has synchronized swimming committee (1952). In the program of the Olympic Games since 1984, at the Olympic Games in 1988 and 1992, ah athletes competed in singles (solo) and doubles (duets) discharges in 1996 - in group exercises.

    Olympic competition in synchronized swimming are designed for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Judges will evaluate the complexity and artistry of mandatory and voluntary programs. Of the total points earned by the team, the share of any program account for 65%.


    - Duetzhenschiny;
    - Team women.

    The history of the emergence of synchronized swimming.

    Holidays and games, during which boys and girls floating in the water staged dances, held in ancient Greece and Rome. However, the sport of synchronized swimming began to take shape only in the late 19th century. In 1882 in England, was created a group of swimmers who performed various figures in the water. Initially this sport nazshapsya hudozhestvennsh swimming. In the early 20th century. France was founded Club "The Seagull", which was engaged in the popularization of the new sport.

    In the 1930s. artistic voyage spread through Europe and the United States. The first performances of athletes to the music held in 1952 at the French championship. In the same year at the Games XV Olympiad in Helsinki in performances on artistic swimming. It has been recognized by the international sport and became known as the "synchronized swimming". When the International Amateur Federation (FINA) had established a committee of synchronized swimming.

    In the first international competition, which took place in 1958 in Amsterdam, attended by athletes from 9 countries. In 1973 was the first world championship in synchronized swimming.

    Synchronized swimming at the Olympics.

    In 1984, at the XXIII Olympic Games cities in Los Angeles for the first time were contested Olympic medals for synchronized swimming. In singles competed sporstmenok 17, the winner was American Tracey Ruiz, a silver medal завоевалаканадкаКаропинВальдо, bronze -yaponka Miwako Motoyoshi. In the doubles played duets from 18 countries. First place was taken Tracy Ruiz and Sandy Bones (USA), second - Sharon Hembruk and Kelpies Kritskov (Canada), the third - Sayoko Miwako Kimura and Motoyoshi (Japan).

    The first Olympic champion Tracy Ruiz soon married and ceased employment synchronized swimming. In 1987 she returned to the sport with the intention to win at the Olympic Games in Seoul ah. She managed to win the silver medal, gold went to Canadian athlete KarolinValdo. Third place was taken Mikako Kotani Japanese.

    Until 2000 Olympic medals in synchronized swimming distributed, usually between the athletes of the three countries: the United States, Canada and Japan. However, at the Games of the XXVII Olympiad in Sydney gold medals were awarded to the Russian athletes. In the competition with a score of 99.580 duets points defeated Olga Brusnikina and Maria Kiseleva, in group competition with a score of 99.146 points and won by Russia (O. Brusnikina, M. Kiseleva, E. Azarov, O. Novokschenova, I. Pershin, E. Soybeans Yuri Vasilyev, O. Vasjukova).


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