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    Sports - Bodybuilding (pictured Arnold Schwarzenegger)

    Bodybuilding (English. Body building - construction of the body) or bodybuilding (fr. Culturisme, Eng. Physical culture - the culture of the body) - the process of growth and development of muscles through physical exercise with weights, a high-energy diet with a high content of protein and sufficient for hypertrophy of muscle fibers recovery.

    Eugene Sandow - the ancestor of bodybuilding (the beginning of the twentieth century.). A person engaged in lifting weights to increase the volume or quality of muscles, called a bodybuilder. Competitive bodybuilding - a sport where a judge on the basis of aesthetics, the amount and quality of physical development bodybuilders demonstrating them by posing determine the best bodybuilder.

    In bodybuilding, weights are used as weights, barbells, dumbbells, expanders, simulators of various types. Participation in competitions and posturing engaged in a relatively small percentage of bodybuilders, mostly professional athletes. Unprofessional amateur or semi-professional tournaments are also arranged.

    Science and bodybuilding.

    Bodybuilding, like medicine, intervenes in human physiology. In both cases, the human body is the object of study. Are bodybuilding training science of muscle that came out of medicine. Bodybuilding has the properties and qualities of any science, vol. E. Was accurate and indisputable discipline. "A striking feature of any science - accuracy," writes Mike Mentzer, one of the best bodybuilders of the 20th century, in his book "Supertrening."


    However, the accuracy as some other quality science, bodybuilding tend to ignore. The most common, almost "classical" approach: "Because everyone is different, every bodybuilder needs its own training methods, which it needs to be found by a lot of trial and error."

    Medicine recognizes that all people are equal in the anatomical and physiological sense. In relation to bodybuilding physiology people do not change. Principles of effective methods of training are immutable and scientifically accurate for everyone. Pluralism about the multiplicity of methods of muscle building is not always justified and can be harmful to health.

    Bodybuilding and anabolic steroids.

    Professional bodybuilding actively discriminated using legal and illegal drugs farmatsepticheskie, including anabolic hormones. In the language of bodybuilders steroids and androgens (different groups of male sex hormones), increase protein synthesis, strength of ligaments, tendons and muscle power, allowing you to lift much heavier weights and train with a much greater capacity for work, called "chemistry".

    At the end of the twentieth century, when the mass use of anabolic steroids in high doses it in weightlifting, and then, in bodybuilding, there was a split among bodybuilders for "Chemists" - people who use anabolic steroids, and "straight" - bodybuilders who do not use prohibited drugs farmatsepticheskie, in particular anabolic hormones. This division is not available for professionals who can not achieve results without current pharmacology.


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